DevOps Foundation ( DOI ) IN UNITED STATES

The DevOps Foundation in United States course provides a foundational understanding of DevOps principles. It emphasizes collaboration, automation, and continuous improvement. Participants learn key concepts such as cultural transformation, automation practices, and the importance of measurement and feedback. The course is designed in United States to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful DevOps adoption. Making it an ideal starting point for professionals aiming to implement DevOps practices in their organizations and advance their careers in software development and IT operations in United States.


The DevOps Foundation in United States is an introductory-level training and certification program. That introduces participants to the core principles and practices of DevOps. This course in United States covers key concepts such as collaboration, automation, and continuous improvement. Participants gain insights into cultural transformation, emphasizing the breaking down of silos between development and operations teams. The curriculum includes essential topics like continuous integration, delivery, and the use of metrics for measuring performance. The DevOps Foundation course is designed in United States to provide a solid understanding of DevOps principles, making it an excellent starting point for professionals seeking to implement DevOps practices in United States and enhance collaboration between development and operations.

Training Options

    Training Mode in United States:

    Classroom Training in United States: Experience real-world situations, learn directly from active practitioners and industry experts, and advance your knowledge through in-class activities.

    Live Virtual Training in United States: Attend instructor-led live online sessions from anywhere.
    Learn about the latest updates in the DevOps industry through tutorials, articles, interview Q&As, and case studies.

Course Curriculum

 Course Highlights in United States:

Day 1

Day 2

Hello! Course & Class Welcome

Warming Up Game

Module 1 Exploring DevOps

Module 5 Culture, Behaviors and Operating Models

Module 2 Core DevOps Principles

Module 6 Automation & Architecting DevOps Toolchains

Module 3 Key DevOps Practices

Module 7 Measurement, Metrics & Reporting

Module 4 Business and Technology Frameworks

Module 8 Sharing, Shadowing & Evolving

Sample Examination Review

Examination Time

Course Details

Course Agenda in United States:

Exam and Certification

DevOps Foundation Certification Scheme:

  • Explaining the DevOps Foundation certification levels and paths, including Foundation, SRE, CI & CD and Leader levels
  1. Preparing for the DevOps Foundation Exam in United States:

The exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions worth 1 mark each
Duration: 60 Minutes
Materials permitted: No materials other than the examination materials are permitted. This is a ‘closed book’ examination.

Questions: 40.
All 40 questions are Objective Test Questions (OTQs).

Pass Mark: 26 marks or above.

Passing Score: 65% (26 marks out of 40)
Delivery: Online

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Course specific FAQs

FAQs on Project Management Fundamentals

Scholaracad Learning provides 5 different modes of training in the form of:

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